Women - Perfect Shorts - Short - The Geraniums™
Women - Perfect Shorts - Short - The Geraniums™
Women - Perfect Shorts - Short - The Geraniums™
Women - Perfect Shorts - Short - The Geraniums™
Women - Perfect Shorts - Short - The Geraniums™
Women - Perfect Shorts - Short - The Geraniums™
Women - Perfect Shorts - Short - The Geraniums™
Women - Perfect Shorts - Short - The Geraniums™

Women - Perfect Shorts - Short - The Geraniums™

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We can proudly present Perfect Shorts™ to women. You will experience Fit, flexibility and comfort as you have never seen before. Danish design in a classic look. Perfect Shorts are made in a special material that makes them super stretchable and very comfortable. We have used the best materials, which means they are long lasting. We have a size that fits perfectly for any woman regardless of your body type. Perfect Shorts are high waisted and with real pockets both front and back. Experience true freedom with Perfect Shorts.
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When you click on each size, a model of that size will be displayed. We recommend that you use our size guide.


  • High quality YKK® zipper
  • Soft and fantastic material
  • Super stretch and great comfort
  • Pioneering 4-way stretch
  • Retains shape after washing and use
  • Fantastic "shaping" effect
  • 4 deep pockets. 2 in front, 2 behind.
  • Designed with long durability

Wash at 30 degrees
Turn inside out when washing
Hang to dry

Ravens, Royals og Marguerites:
78% Cotton, 19.6% Polyester and 2.4% Spandex

Geraniums og Skies:
65% Cotton, 33% Polyester and 2% Spandex

Renewals, Thunders, Gazelles:
67% Cotton, 31% Polyester 2% Spandex

On this page you will find information and guidance about size, length and ankle width for all the womens products we offer. It is recommended to use our size guide, as it is designed exactly according to our womens products.

When you need to find your size, you can use the size chart below for all our womens products, as the measurements are the same. To find your correct width size, it is important that you measure yourself around the waist at the navel, since our womens products are high waist. For example, if you measure 87 centimeters in circumference, we recommend a size Medium. If your measurements is between 2 sizes, then we recommend that you choose the smallest size due to the stretch in the products.
Size (Women) EU size (Women) Waist measurement (Women)
3XS 30 48-55 cm (18-21 inches)
2XS 32 56-63 cm (22-24 inches)
XS 34
64-71 cm (25-27 inches)
S 36
72-79 cm (28-31 inches)
M 38
80-87 cm (31-33 inches)
L 40
88-95 cm (34-37 inches)
XL 42
96-103 cm (37-40 inches)
2XL 44
104-111 cm (40-43 inches)
3XL 46
112-119 cm (43-46 inches)
4XL 48
120-127 cm (46-49 inches)
5XL 50 128-135 cm (50-52 inches)
To find the correct length of jeans, you need to measure yourself from crotch to ankle. For example, if you measure 76 cm, then we recommend a L30. You can use the same length size chart for all jeans models.
 Length (Women) Inner leg length (Women)
L26 62-66 cm (24-25 inches)
L28 67-71 cm (26-27 inches)
72-76 cm (28-29 inches)
L32 77-81 cm (30-31 inches)
L34 82-86 cm (32-33 inches)
L36 87-91 cm (34-35 inches)
L38 92-96 cm (36-37 inches)
These are the ankle measurements for the jeans models. Be aware that the ankle measurements are measured as if they were lying flat on a table.
Jeans - Skinny (Women) Jeans - Regular (Women) Jeans - Loose (Women)
3XS - 10,5 cm (4,1 inches) 3XS - 16,5 cm (6,4 inches) 3XS - 22,5 cm (8,8 inches)
2XS - 11 cm (4,3 inches) 2XS - 17 cm (6,6 inches) 2XS - 23 cm (9 inches)
XS - 11,5 cm (4,5 inches) XS - 17,5 cm (6,8 inches) XS - 23,5 cm (9,2 inches)
S - 12 cm (4,7 inches) S - 18 cm (7 inches) S - 24 cm (9,4 inches)
M - 12,5 cm (4,9 inches) M - 18,5 cm (7,2 inches) M - 24,5 cm (9,6 inches)
L - 13 cm (5,1 inches) L - 19 cm (7,4 inches) L - 25 cm (9,8 inches)
XL - 13,5 cm (5,3 inches) XL - 19,5 cm (7,6 inches) XL - 25,5 cm (10 inches)
2XL - 14 cm (5,5 inches) 2XL - 20 cm (7,8 inches) 2XL - 26 cm (10,2 inches)
3XL - 14,5 cm (5,7 inches) 3XL - 20,5 cm (8 inches) 3XL - 26,5 cm (10,4 inches)
4XL - 15 cm (5,9 inches) 4XL - 21 cm (8,2 inches) 4XL - 27 cm (10,6 inches)
5XL - 15,5 cm (6,1 inches) 5XL - 21,5 cm (8,4 inches) 5XL - 27,5 cm (10,8 inches)

This is the inside leg length for Perfect Shorts and Perfect Capris for women.

Shorts Short (Women) Middle Shorts (Women) Capri (Women)
15 cm (5.9 inches) 25 cm (9,8 inches)
46 cm (18,1 inches)

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No (Below $700 AUD)
Rest of world
International Shipping
14-21 days
Yes. Fees may apply.

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Comfort like never before

360° stretch guarantees you the best possible comfort

77 different sizes

Combine 3XS to 5XL and length 26 to 38

High quality textiles

We use some of the best textiles in the world

A world of colors

Choose from 10+ colors and find your favourites

High amount of cotton

Perfect Jeans are made with a high amount of cotton

Long durability

Retains 100% of the color and elasticity

Women - Perfect Jeans - Skinny


Women - Perfect Jeans - Regular


Women - Perfect Jeans - Loose




Perfect Jeans are developed in a special material that makes them super stretchy. No matter how you stretch, your Perfect Jeans will stretch with you. Try them on and we guarantee you will never go back to your normal jeans.


Fast worldwide delivery


Fast and helpful service


Not sure about the size? Don't worry, exchange is free


Perfect Jeans are made with a very high quality fabric material. The fabric is woven 4 x 4 across each other. This means that whether you have shapes or not, the fit will always sit perfectly. We also have many lengths, so regardless of your height, we have a pair of jeans for you. Our width sizes are from 3XS to 5XL.


Perfect Jeans are equipped with unique and timeless details that never go out of fashion. We have a wide range of colors which means that you can style Perfect Jeans in a lot of different ways and be creative with your outfits while getting the best comfort throughout the day. All the accessories we use for our products, such as zippers, buttons and seams are of the highest quality and are made to last.


Perfect jeans lasts long. We have made sure to use great materials, so that your Perfect Jeans never lose their color. Just wash them inside out and enjoy that your Perfect Jeans will remain the same color forever. All products are quality assured in both production and in our warehouse before they are sent out to our customers.



Regardless of height and width, we have jeans that fit everyone. We have the largest selection of jeans sizes. We have lengths from L26 and all the way up to L38, as well as sizes from 3XS to 5XL. Never compromise again.