Autumn is the season when we need comfort the most, now that the weather is getting cooler and wetter. And comfort has really been prioritized in our new product launch, where we are offering you 12 new products for both men and women.

They will be launched on Friday, September 29th at 09:00 AM CET.

You have asked, and we have answered. Our Slim model is expanding with the delicious, red Santas, the cool, green Renewals, and the sleek, grey Thunders, so you can now embrace autumn with an even larger color palette. As always, you can get them from size 3XS to 5XL and from length 26 to 38.

Women - Slim - Santas

Women - Slim - Renewals

Women - Slim - Thunders

Our Regular collection is expanding with the green Renewals and the grey Thunders jeans. We have not compromised on comfort and quality, so you can get the most delicious jeans. The new Regular jeans are also available in all our size combinations, so you can find the pair that suits you best.

Women - Regular - Renewals

Women - Regular - Thunders

If you prefer jeans that sit a bit looser around the ankle, we can also please you with the expansion of our Loose assortment with Santas, Renewals, and Thunders, so you have even more colors to adorn yourself with. As with the other products, we have not skimped on size combinations, so there is always a pair for you in a fashionable color.

Women - Loose - Santas

Women - Loose - Renewals

Women - Loose - Thunders

The men are not to be left out either, and therefore we also have new products for them. Our Slim jeans are expanding with the green Renewals and the grey Thunders, which fit well into the autumn color play. They are available in sizes from 3XS to 5XL, and with lengths from 26 to 38, we are sure that you can find a pair that fits you.

Men - Slim - Renewals

Men - Slim - Thunders

The same men are also rewarded even more for their patience with the same colors in our Regular model. Comfort and quality are also prioritized, meaning that autumn's hardships can just come. They are available in the same sizes as the rest of our products, so you can find the perfect jeans.

Men - Regular - Renewals

Men - Regular - Thunders